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The client is at the heart of our operations. We are solely focus on going to extreme to let the client reap the highest possible benefit from their investments. Once we come in contact with a client, our immediate intention is to understand their need and how it fits into their objectives. We device how we can solve the problems they may have and create new opportunities they may have.
Once we have understood the needs of the clients, we access it and come out with an invoice for the client. We discuss over it. What ever the budget of the client, we will always find a way to say yes. we will agree on a budget and a payment plan. From then on, the project will enter the execution stage. A team will be created with a team leader. Our client will remain in the loop. We inform them of every stage of the project making sure that the product deliverable will always serve its purpose.
We are a very flexible company. We will not mind if adjustments are made to the initial plan in order for the project to achieve its objectives. Such changes are usually at no extra cost.
Once the project is completed, it is handed over to the clients based on previous arrangements. From this step, our customer department will follow up, work in collaboration with our clients to check their level of satisfaction and see if they may need any modifications.
For every project, we prepare a questionnaire for the clients. We strive to know how the clients feels about our handling of their project and how well the project deliverable serves its purpose.
We also keep detail documentation about each and every project. This gives us the possibility to resume work or carry out modification on each project at very short notice.


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